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My work is currently on show at the gallery above:

Clarkes Art Shop, 11 Bond Street, Brighton, BN1 1RD


The Claremont, 13 Second Avenue, Hove BN3 2LL


I have participated in numerous exhibitons, as well as craft, christmas and art fairs, sharing my joyful pieces with a variety of other talented artists and creators.

I’ve participated in Xmas and summer Art Open Houses as part of the Hove trail at the Claremont Hotel. Even though there is no Open House at present I’m fortunate enough to have various pieces which currently reside at this gorgeous boutique hotel and enjoy a stay in the bedrooms and communal areas there. They are hoping for June 2021 for the next wonderful Open House which I’m really looking forward to be part of. I am
currently preparing a new batch of pictures that I think will enhance the already gorgeous hotel.

I currently have an exhibition in the delightful gallery above Clarke’s art supply shop on Bond street in the North Laine. This will be running for some more time hopefully. It’s exciting to be showcasing my work in the hubbub of a highly creative zone in Brighton sharing wall space with dynamic and talented local artists.

I have plans to do further Open Houses and to have the chance for my pieces to be shown at a variety of possible destinations. I have shown some art in a nail bar and have done some more snazzy nail related pieces for other establishments.
Previous exhibitions include:
Claremonts Hotel, Hove: 2016-2020
Posh John's, Brighton
The Dupont Art Group, Hove
The Duke of Wellington Pub, Brighton
The Hampton Pub, Brighton




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